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Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

We continue to take donations of items listed below.

Please call the parish office to make an appointment to drop off your donations.

We will be sending packages to a group in Kharkiv that is helping women and children and plan a special donation drive in the very near future. Childrens vitamins, food, diapers, feminine hygiene are on the list. Check back here for more details.

We also have an Amazon list where purchases are shipped directly for packing.

 click here

The war against Ukraine continues... Much of the infrastructure in many parts of Ukraine are either damaged or destroyed so we are reaching out for items that can be used by the residents.

*There is an immediate need for*

Children's medicines, vitamins, for ages 1-10 ( we have partnered up with a group from the Kharkiv area in eastern Ukraine)

Chewing Gum

 power banks

Trauma Bandages

Children's cold/fever medications

Protein Bars

Water purification tablets

Men's, women's and children's and socks

Women’s hygiene products

Emergency foil blankets (small packages)

Requested items are:

Trauma bandages, gauze, wound care medication

Over the counter medications - Ibuprofen – 400 ml, Immodium, Gravol, Benadryl, Polysporin

Vitamins – children’s and 50+Adult

Men’s and women's calf length  socks (Dark Colours)

Men’s underwear (L & XL) and women's underwear.

Men’s t-shirts or long sleeve t-shirts S-XL – dark colours

Instant coffee, individual sugar packets, powdered milk/creamer,

Protein, energy bars, granola bars, instant oatmeal

Canned tuna, canned meat

Hygiene items – toothpaste, tooth brushes,

Women’s hygiene products

Baby formula


Due to overwhelming response we ARE NOT accepting clothing, bed linens or furniture at this time.

Thank you for your continued generosity!!

Updated June 4, 2023

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